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Update Password

Password must contain at least 3 of the following 4:

 1. Upper Case character: A-Z

 2. Lower Case character: a-z

 3. Number: 0-9

 4. Symbol: !~@#$%*+-()/'&/=<>?^_`{|}[]:;,.  'space'

New password CANNOT contain any of the following:

 1. Your logon name or SMTP Email address

 2. An 'actual dictionary word' 5 characters or longer

 3. Be the same as one of your previous 6 passwords

Password supports character replacements:

 D0gs4ev3r (Dogs4ever) - a zero not a capital 'O'

 sP4c3T!m3 (SpaceTime)

 $peci4!P@s$word (SpecialPassword)